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Here are some of the questions people have asked in the past and the answers to them


Q: How do I clean my bed ?
A: Polishing is not required; an occasional wiping with a soft clean damp cloth will easily remove any dust. Polishes, chemicals or abrasives cleaners should not be used. Skin creams, hairsprays and other solvants can contain chemicals that may adversly affect the paint.
Q: Do your beds work with the popular select comforter mattresses ?
A: Yes they do, except for the totally adjustable bed, it requires its own base and frame, all the others work just fine.
Q: Are your beds made of solid steel ?

A: All our beds are made of heavy quality 1/4" thick steel tubing. If we where to make our beds of solid steel bars, it would weigh over 400 pounds and be impossible to ship, or to set up at your home.

Q: Are the castings on the bed solid ?
A: Yes they are, they are made of metal, which is melted at over 1600 degrees and poured in to casting box where it is "combined" with the tubing to form an ever lasting bond. The box is removed after the metal has cooled down. Click here for a picture
Q: How do you apply the paint ?
A: When all the metal work is complete we apply the paint as a dry powder. This is the modern and environmentally save way. After this process the beds are put in a modern gas oven, where the paint is baked on at a temperature of over 350 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes. This prevents the paint from chipping and or peeling. Click here for a picture
Q: What is the weight of your beds ?
A: Depending on design and size including the frame it weighs between 120 and 160 pounds.
Q: How are your beds packed ?
A: Each bed is wrapped in a protective foam, with an extra emphasis on the castings. Then packed in a BIG plastic bag and then in a heavy duty cardboard box.
Q: How much is shipping to my location?
A: The shipping charge for our beds is not included in the price of the bed. We will contact the freight company and get a rate for your location and will add this to the price of the bed. (Uusually between $ 100.00 and $ 180.00)
Q: I have a King mattress that is still in very good shape, if I get a CA King bed will the mattress fit ?
A: Sorry, but no that would not fit. Measurements for the mattresses are:
Twin 39"x75" (99x190.5 cm) Full 54"x 75" (137x190.5 cm)
Queen 60"x80" (152.5x203 cm) King 78"x80" (198x203 cm)
Ca King 72"x84" (183x213 cm)
Q: How many attachment points for the rails are on the frame ?
A: There are 3 attachment points for the rails, allowing for some storage room below the bed
Q: Do you have end tables?
A: Yes we do have end tables, They are pictured with the Sneem , the Avoca and Gothic beds or you can see and order them on the table page.
Q. Do you make custom beds ?
A. No at this point we are not able to make custom beds. Maybe sometime in the future. If you want a special color bed, please feel free to ask and we might be able to help.
Q. Do you sell Headboards only ?
A. Sorry to say but at this point in time we do not. Maybe sometime in the future as well.
Q. Does the frame come with extra horizontal support beams that lay between the head and foot board, directly under box spring and mattress ?
A. All beds are supplied with the cross bars made of iron, they bolt on to the left and right side rails, please take a look at the assembly picture
Q. How sturdy is the frame ? ........And will the bed be silent when I roll over and shoo the cat away?
A. As long as you tighten all the bolts, the bed is very sturdy and you can shoo the cat away all night in silence


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