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A Question that gets asked from time to time is : Can I use your bed as a platform bed ?

The Answer is: Yes you can,

European designed platform beds are fast becoming a new standard in modern bedding because of their sleek appearance. Economically, they are more feasible too. Platform beds only require a regular innerspring mattress or a futon mattress. There is no need for a bulky, cumbersome and sometimes costly box spring. Modern mattresses are now thick enough that the box spring, in most cases is unnecessary. Of course, for those of you who prefer the look and the bed height of a box spring, all beds can be set up to accept one.

The following are the Plywood sizes to accommodate an innerspring or futon mattress


2 Pieces

38 3/4" x 37" x 3/4"

98.5 x 98 x 1.9 cm


2 pieces

53.5" x 37" x 3/4"

136 x 98 x 1.9 cm


2 pieces

59.5" x 39 1/2" x 3/4"

151 x 100 x 1.9 cm


2 pieces

75.5" x 39 3/4" x 3/4"

191 x 101 x 1.9 cm

Ca King

2 pieces

71.5" x 41" x 3/4"

182 x 104 x 1.9 cm

These are just 2 of our beds to show what a platform bed looks like, all our beds can be used in this way



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