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Check here for new stuff and updates


New colors and a few new models have been added to the site

We are working on a few new colors and hope to have some availbale towards autum of 2006

Thanks to the ever rising fuel costs we are forced to pass on a small price increase around the 1st of May 2008. We will from time to time have a few sales, around the holidays. So if you are in need of a better price check around those days to see what is for sale.

The European venture in Holland has received its 1st container with beds and is up and running. If you happen to be in Europe and want one of these beds, we will be happy to supply. The beds are made to fit the European mattress sizes. Please click here to get to their site. www.celticbeds.com

We added a few sizes in the canopy range; the Lagan and the Mulberry beds can now be ordered in the Full, Queen and King size with the Canopy

The new pictures have been added, and we are rather happy with the way they turned out, we made some extra ones, and will, from time to time, switch them around.

8th Year on line

Little did we know from humble beginnings on the west coast of Ireland, that Celtic Beds would, after 9 years of selling on line, grow and develop so quickly.

The 10th birthday will be celebrated this December 2007.

The range of iron beds improved over this short period of time; and a modern warehouse opened in Kansas.

The customer base has increased so much , beds are send as far away as South Africa and Australia.

The position on the major search engines justifies our belief that we are now becoming one of the major companies on the Internet offering quality and service other companies will find hard to equal.

We Look forward in confidence to continue to grow in quality and service.



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