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Looking back I suppose it was a natural thing for me to become interested in Iron works. I remember as a 5 year old my Dad taking me to the Iron foundry where he worked in Cork City, Ireland. Even then I was fascinated by this particular place. This was the late 50s and the work was not easy. It was the only job my Father ever had, from the time he left school until he retired. Sadly this place is no longer there, in its place is a modern bus depot.

I qualified as a welder and my progression into making Iron beds came about purely by accident. In my work people kept bringing things to fix and repair. In the early '90s more and more people were bringing old Iron beds to fix. Those were beds which were in the family for many years. It was at this time I really became interested in the possibility of actually making those Iron beds. Old Iron beds were found by me, repaired and sold, as those beds were getting scarce it was then I decided to actually make these beds from scratch.
This involved finding old beds and reproducing them as they would have looked like all those years ago.

A particular bed called the Sneem was a very popular bed in the early 1900s in Ireland. Some time a go I was very delighted to see this actual bed made in my factor in the famous film about the life of one of our great Irish leaders, Michael Collins.
My company in Ireland now supplies the top stores, and is also a very successful Internet business.
The next step for me was to sell in the American market. With this in mind I set up my own Internet site four years ago.
Shipping beds in individual pieces I realized, was an expensive way. I then with my friends Connie and Albert decided the only way to satisfy the demand from customers in the States was to open our own warehouse. This we have done.
Out of this Celtic beds, llc has been created. With investments made in top class factories and a strong management team in place, Celtic beds,llc now offers a sturdy, yet elegant product at a very reasonable price.
Our designs are unique, nothing like these have ever been sold before in the American market. We do not supply stores, this has made our beds affordable without sacrificing quality and design. We are confident that no other company can offer such quality and design at such a great price.............

There is an old saying in Ireland which goes like this........
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

Perhaps the same can be said about our beds.

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