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We received our bed a few days ago and absolutely love it. It was worth waiting for - what a great price and beautiful quality. We'll pass it along word-of-mouth.
Melody and David

After years of searching for the right bed, it's hard to believe the perfect choice just showed up on my doorstep this afternoon. Your customer service has made a lasting impression. Every step in this process has been a pleasure. The bed is gorgeous, sturdier than anything I've seen in the stores, and just right for my room. I'll gladly recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you again for running your business so well and with so much respect for your customers.

Most sincerely,

Hello Connie,
I know this is a very late thank you and I apologize for that. Frequently I created e-mail messages to you in my head and had wanted to wait until I had enough time to send a proper message.
I could not be happier with my bed, and I am even happier now that I purchased the Corrib when I did because I see that you have discontinued it. I love it's design...was it not popular?
I absolutely LOVE it. You were could not have been easier to put together. Everything was all thought out in the design, even down to the finished screw already in a choice of 3 holes to determine height. The finish on the bed is perfect. It is extremely rare to purchase something today and not find ONE flaw...I found none and I am picky.
I have raved about your company to many even this past weekend and sent your site to a few. From the first moment of contact (sending an e-mail with an inquiry and a suggestion) and receiving from the owner of the company no less an immediate response, to the telephone calls to you which were always so friendly, informative, and responsive, to the actual arrival of the bed...everything was exactly as you said it would be and more. I have never seen an item more protected and wrapped and wrapped than this beautiful iron bed. The company that packs and ships is to be commended. Every inch of this bed was wrapped and triple protected by a different material for each level of protection. Seriously, it was awesome. I felt like I had just purchased a million dollar piece of art.
I opened the boxes that the delivery person and I put in my downstairs entrance way and took each piece upstairs to my bedroom...I was able to put it together with no extra tools...anything I needed was already packed in the boxes with the bed.
And on top of all that the price was very reasonable AND included shipping! Can you tell that I am indeed one of your major fans?
I do have one question...the brass knobs...will they / should they be polished? If so with what?
Thank you again Connie and please let Willie and Albert (who also responded to one of my e-mails) know how pleased I am not only with the product but also with the service.
Sincerely, K C in NY

Hello I Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I received my bed yesterday all in good shape and order...Thank You so much!!! I just love this bed and it was well worth the wait!!!!Your company is wonderful to work with!!! Thanks again for everything!!!!
D R in Michigan


The bed arrived yesterday and it is absolutely perfect! My new house is rather difficult to get to if you do not have specific directions, so I can see why there was confusion. The driver was very helpful. He noticed that the boxes were a bit damaged and offered to help me unwrap the boxes and check everything out before leaving. (By the way, excellent packing job...It took us at least 20 minutes to get it all unwrapped.) There was no damage to the bed that we could see at all. I imagine it would have to be quite a blow to damage wrought iron in the least. We 're receiving our mattress/box spring next weekend and will assemble the bed then. Anyhow, we are quite pleased and look forward to showing it off at our house warming party next month. Thank you so much for all your personal attention to this order and customer satisfaction in general. You went far beyond the call of duty for any retail businessperson and I couldn't have asked for a better person to do business with. All the best to you and good luck in the future. If we ever find ourselves looking for another bed, we'll be in touch. Sincerely,

J C B in Florida


Just a quick e-mail to say, got the bed and am really pleased. The guys arrived literally a few minutes after I spoke with you. So they assembled the bed and it looks great. Thanks a mill for all your help.


ed. The setup service is provided in Ireland only.

Hi Connie

We picked up the bed on Friday at Estes Freight. It's very nice and I'm EXTREMELY PLEASED!!!!

Thank you for keeping me updated with emails and tracking numbers.

Regards, Judy

Hi Connie,

We received our Black King Gothic Bed yesterday. It had been repackaged because it was torn up but so far we have not found any damage. We still have to carry the headboard upstairs and unwrap it and the rails. We really really love it! All the reviews I read before I ordered were true--made to last, high quality, original design, everything.

Thanks, again Connie for a beautiful bed!

G and D B

Just a note to tell you that we are very happy with our bed. It was well-wrapped, surviving an apparent shipping mishap with no more than a bent box. I am amazed that we paid so little for so much quality. I have an iron bed from the 1920's, and the Avoca is just as solid--we put the old bed in my nephew's room, so now we have an all-iron bed household.

We're using the frame as a platform bed. I am glad we found you on the net--we had given up finding what we wanted. If you would like more platform buyers, make "platform" a keyword!

M K S and D R

Good Afternoon Thank You so much for my beautiful bed (Sneem, King Size) I received it about 3-4 weeks ago. I am sooo pleased with the everything--the way it was carefully packed for shipping to the quality and superb craftsmanship : ) It was very easy to put together too. Thank You again, and I do apologize for taking so long to tell you how happy I am. Nice Day


Connie - My bed came today and I am more than pleased with it. It is just gorgeous. Your packing people did an outstanding job. Its not put together yet but I appreciate the wrench that was included in the box. Please feel free to use me as a happy customer reference.

Regards, S.C.

Dear Connie,

We LOVE our bed! It's beautiful and very sturdy..nothing like the hollow clanky imitations of antique iron beds we'd seen in furniture stores and this bed cost less!
Our bed looks and feels like a high quality antique iron bed, and in king size the genuine article just doesn't exist. This is definitely the next best thing.
We feel lucky to have found your website - and you! You were so patient with ALL of our questions..maybe you deserve a raise! =)
Thank you very much,

Heidi and Tom

The beds arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. Well made and very sturdy. The wait was well worth it! They were very well packaged and look great in our 1929 English Tutor home. Mark us down as a satisfied customer - glad we waited!

Becki from AZ

I just wanted to say that I bought the Gothic style bed a few months ago and this bed is by far the strongest bed ever made. Its also one of the coolest looking beds too. I really think this bed could last 10 lifetimes +. this bed does not move if you don't want it to. Again very strong bed made with good welds and iron. Very heavy in weight = good quality!


Hi Connie,

The bed arrived this morning and I've just set it up. I was very impressed with the way the bed was packaged....they did a very thorough job. The delivery men were friendly and courteous, and the bed is beautiful!

I can't wait for Will to come home from school to see it. He'll be thrilled.

It's been a pleasure working with you.

Hi Willie

The bed was delivered on Friday afternoon, and we unpacked it and put it together on Saturday. We are over the moon with it, it is a really beautiful bed and looks gorgeous in our gothic style bedroom. It is of a much better quality than beds we had looked at in stores locally for a similar cost and was very easy to put together. I had been a little apprehensive about ordering this sort of item from the Internet, but my fears were groundless, delivery was as and when promised and the bed was everything and more than we had hoped for.

Thanks very much for all your help and answering all my questions! I will certainly recommend you to any friends, in fact the bed has already been admired by friends who stayed with us over the weekend. I have taken a photograph of it and will e-mail you a copy when I have had it developed.

Thanks once again, I have put your cheque in the post - it is in English pounds which I hope is OK, but if not please let me know and I will send you a replacement in Euros.

Kind regards, Jan

Hello Willie,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic bed. It is truly fantastic, the workmanship amazes me. And all who see it admire it. (And we have directed them to you)

Thanks you so much again,

Maedhbh & Jonathan

Connie!!!! :)

Hello!!! It's Brooke....:) Thank you SO MUCH for being so right there about making sure I got my bed and everything!! It arrived yesterday, and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my whole life!! ((I wish I had been able to let you know sooner that it had arrived, but I've been SO BUSY since classes started back yesterday..))
Yes, it's BIG!!! ;)!! Heheheheeh, I had no idea just HOW BIG was big until I stood next to the box, and realized it was almost as tall as I am...!! ((I'm 5'11''))
It's gorgeous!! It's so INCREDIBLY solid, and it was a total BREEZE to put together!!
Hehehee, it's MASSIVE!! Nicely heavy--a very elegant and substantial piece of furniture--and it looks GREAT in my newly painted bedroom!!! :D I didn't realize when I first saw it, that it was as tall as it is --which is WONDERFUL!!-- but I must say, I'm going to have to get used to that, because I had forgotten about it when I got out of bed this morning!! Heheheehe!!! ;)
Oh, Connie, thank you SO MUCH!!! :) It's lovely, and I can't say enough good stuff about it, and I certainly won't forget how wonderful and enthusiastic you've been with helping me; THANK YOU!! :)

I'm so happy with it, Connie; thank you YET AGAIN!!! :)

Brooke :)

Good morning, Connie,

Yes, the bed was delivered Friday afternoon. From our perspective, the trucking company - both at the depot and the driver/delivery - was fine.

The bed is up; we slept on it last night. We are very happy with the design and construction. It looks beautiful and we are very satisfied.

Thank you for your help and follow up.


PS As you'll remember, I wanted to mount the frame high but at the highest point you couldn't see the headboard once the bedding/pillows were in place. What's the point of having a gorgeous bed if no one can see it !!! So we lowered the frame one notch and I still have enough room for decent storage underneath the bed. As soon as I get the dust ruffles on, I'll send you a photo.

Just a note to say thanks again for the beautiful beds - I'm absolutely delighted with them.
It was a pleasure dealing with you and your colleagues who were so considerate when they came to deliver the beds for me.
I'll be telling anyone I know of who wants beds all about your firm.
Thanks very much

Hello Connie,
Yes, the bed arrived today. Its absolutely beautiful, I love it. I like the coloring too, the black frame is just as nice as the silver one in the pictures. Thank You Again!!


My bed arrived yesterday. I just sold my house & am moving so I won't put it up yet but I just had to get into it. It looks beautiful. The boxes are in perfect condition so I'm hoping everything is ok inside. I am so excited & can't wait to get it up & sleep on it.
Thanks for all your consideration & help in getting "my" bed.

This is from mother and daughter :-)

We got the beds up the same day, and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Both of us are ecstatic with our beds (a gothic and a Clifden). Plus, they didn't take anytime at all to set up - in fact, it took more time to get all the wrapping off than it did to actually assemble the beds.

And, I have no problem at all with you posting anything I said - it's all true! The customer service your company provided to me was outstanding and geared towards what worked for me, not just making a sale. I will definitely spread the word to everyone I know about Celtic Beds - thanks again!!

Lisa (and Nancy)

I just got my beautiful Sneem bed yesterday and wanted to tell you that we are extremely happy with it. It is lovely to look at and made so well. No comparison to the flimsy stuff that I have seen in stores in our area.
The full frame construction is very sturdy (something I was looking for- not those beds that are just a headboard and footboard attached to a cheesy angle iron frame). The price was very affordable and I am hoping to buy another one at some point in the future.

It seemed a little risky to purchase something online with a new company but Connie was also very sweet and made me very much at ease.

Good luck to you with this venture.



The bed was received on time and in good condition. It is up and looks lovely - I am very impressed.

My concerns about buying on-line were ill-founded.

Thanks for your excellent service.



Yes, I got the bed! The shipping company delivered it and took a note I had taped to the door giving them permission to leave it. I set it up yesterday (Sunday) and it is beautiful. It arrived in perfect shape - it was well wrapped - not a single mark or scratch! And it was very easy to assemble. A couple of other people have already asked me where I got it and I told them about our website.

Thank you so much for your effort. You truly have a nice product.


Hi Connie,

They delivered my bed today and we just got it set up and I had to tell you that it is gorgeous!!
It is made very well and in perfect condition.
Just wanted to let you know and thank you all for your help, you guys have been great!



Thanks for following up. Yes. We did receive our bed, and it is assembled in our little girl's room. The quality of construction exceeded our expectations.

Thanks for all your help. I know we will love the bed for years and years.


Hey Willie,
Wanted to say thanks! Got the bed on Monday. Put it together, love it! Should last for a good long time. You will spend a good long time hunting for something that sturdy here in the states. Thanks!
Take Care,



Thank you so much for writing…I’ve been meaning to do that myself.

Yes, we got the bed and LOVE it. It is exactly what we wanted.

Thank you for everything. Your thoughtful service is unusual in this day and age.



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