Celtic Wrought Iron Beds

Assembly of Beds

  1. Unscrew 2 of the bolts on the posts of the frames (there are 3 heights you can use, pick the one that suites you best).
  2. Attach the 2 side rails loosely, with the steel stopper to be on the outside of each rail.
  3. Attach the 4 cross bars on to the slots provided on the side bars. (If you have a Ca king size bed, the reinforced cross bars go in the center.)
  4. Tighten cross bars with supplied wrench.
  5. Place the box spring or plywood on top of the assembled Bed.
  6. Align the Head and Foot.
  7. Tighten both Head and Foot Board of Bed.

After you are done, the frame should look like this

The Canopy goes together as follows:

In the box you have 4 side posts 1 1/4" in diameter. These are the heavy posts.

1. The short ones (2 ) are screwed on to the headboard of the bed.

2. The longer ones ( 2) are screwed on to the footboard of the bed, when this is finished you should have a bed with 2 equal heights...

3. Also you have 4 smaller diameter bars in the box.. The short bars are attached to the very top of the canopy poles. 1 bar for the footend and 1 bar for the head.

4. The longer of the bars are then joined at the very top to join the headboard and footboard together

5. The knobs and the piece underneath the knob which come loose, are then attached to the very top... FINISHED.................





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